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Dependable Automatic Generators in Macomb, MI
Briggs & Stratton Automatic Standby Generators
Generac Automatic Standby Generators

Home with the Lights On

If your business is dependent on an electronic database, you need a source of backup power that you can depend on as well. The risks of losing access to the information you need are just too great. You don’t want to entrust the core of your business to a municipal power grid over which you have no control.

What you want is an automatic generator in Macomb, MI, that picks up the slack the moment the standard power system fails. It protects your investment by acting as a backup you can rely on during times of outages and disruption. Files are protected, and servers are kept running.

Keep Your Home and Workplace Safe

Automatic standby generators come on at the moment of power loss to protect the workstations and servers at your office. It gives complete protection for your network and assures your company of seamless operations. Taking this step eliminates the stress and inconvenience of data loss and recovery.

A generator is also a valuable addition to your home. They allow you to keep lights, fans, heaters, and alarm systems operating. Phoenix Communications & Cabling is the place to go when you want to learn more about generator sales and installation.

Product of the Highest Quality

We carry natural gas-powered generators that are quietest on the market. You can enjoy reliable power in even in the most adverse situations from the brands that we sell, which include:

  • Briggs & Stratton Automatic Standby Generators
  • Generac Automatic Standby Generators
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