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Power outages can cause numerous issues for homes and businesses, especially when computers and electronic data are involved. That's why having a dependable backup power system is so important, and at Phoenix communications & Cabling, Inc., we have the solutions you need. We offer several automatic backup generators from various manufacturers, including Briggs & Stratton and Generac. With these solutions, you can ensure that your home or business can continue to run even when the municipal power goes out. Contact us to learn more about the backup power solutions we have and let us help keep your power on.

Both Residential and Commercial Solutions

At Phoenix Communications & Cabling, Inc., we are happy to offer generator sales and installation services for both residential and commercial solutions. By installing a generator at your home, you can easily keep your lights and appliances running during any power failure event. For businesses, a backup power system can help protect your network while allowing your employees to continue to work. Plus, with automatic systems, your generator will switch on as soon as power is lost.

Standby Generator, Generators, Macomb, MI

Invest in Your Home or Business with Backup Power

If you consider an automatic standby generator as an investment, it just makes sense to give us a call. Whether you’re located in a rural location, the middle of a city, or a small town, a generator can be a lifesaver when the power grid fails. You’ll enjoy a seamless transition from utility company electricity to backup power with barely a flicker.

We often take the convenience of lights, appliances, heat, and cooling system operations for granted until they no longer work because there’s no electricity. Our generator sales and installation services can ensure you never miss a beat while waiting for the power company to repair the issue and get everyone back up and running.

By investing in an automatic standby generator, you protect your home or business from the consequences of an extended outage. Should the power remain off for several days during the coldest months of winter, you could end up with burst pipes that cause significant damage.

Reach out to our expert team; we’ll provide an estimate on the most appropriate generator for your purposes. No home or business owner ever regretted the convenience of instant power when a transformer blows or the grid experiences a failure.