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Facility Cabling Services in Macomb, MI

Solidify your connection to clients and emerging opportunities in the market with stable networks that share both voice and data. Phoenix Communications is ready to deploy a communication network that enhances connectivity where it matters the most. 

When you decide to expand your facilities, you need a partner that specializes in facility cabling services in Macomb, MI. Your stakeholders must consider the investment in new cabling with the day-to-day needs of your workforce. As technology evolves, you need a network that is relatively free of signal degradation and interference. Without a focus on the installation, your new system may prove ill-suited for your overall goals. We offer a solution, through a number of cabling options that include: 

  • Category 5, 5e, 6 and 6e Ethernet Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Cabling; Point-to-Point or Distribution
  • IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networking

Building Better Data Networks

Replace the aging infrastructure at your establishment and take a step up from 10/100/1000 base T technology. When you sit down for a consultation with our team, we can discuss the daily needs of your workforce. Depending on your security concerns, there are numerous options for wireless networks.

Optimize your telecommunications equipment with confidence. By investing in network upgrades, you do more than make a move to the latest technology. It also allows you to streamline your workflow, speed up production, and save your time and resources. Our network cabling solutions can save money and give your network the capability to adapt to ever-changing work environments.

A strong communications network allows you to keep your teams connected. They will also give you the flexibility to serve your clients in a stronger capacity. All in all, making these improvements will allow your organization to grow and be more amenable to change. It can also lay the groundwork for using newer technologies, such as wireless communication and cloud computing.

Man In a Server Room, Data Networks, Macomb, MI

Speed up your enterprise: we’re with you at each step. Our technicians are rigorously trained and thoroughly experienced in the installation and maintenance of telecommunications networks. With us at your side, making meaningful change is a simple and straightforward experience.

Reinvesting in Your Network

While cost should always be a concern for anyone considering a rewiring of an entire office, the long term implications of standing still should move your decision. Our team is ready to implement a solution, whether you require a peer-to-peer local area network or a multi-domain wide area network. Enhance your competitive edge with network options that include:

  • Data Cabling Work (including Fiber Optic)
  • Technical Assistance for Data Networks 24/7/365
  • Software Updates & Upgrades
  • New Hardware & Replacement Options for Parts
  • Design & Implementation of Local Area Networks
  • Multi-Domain Wide Area Networks
  • Gigabyte Networks
  • Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Firewalls, Routers, & Switches

An organized network infrastructure is the basis of an agile business. Optimize your workflow and make stronger connections with our structured cabling services. Our solutions include the design and implementation of server infrastructure and cabling. With our assistance, your network will have the space to grow and move at the pace of your personnel.

Contact us and request an estimate for our telecommunications and networking cabling services. We are your go-to team for facility cabling in Macomb County, MI, and the surrounding area.